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don’t trust your eyes – traue Deinen Augen nicht

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Ever looked at a photo you made and thought there’s something that wasn’t there when you took it? Perhaps Julius von Bismarck and his Image Fulgurator have been nearby when you pressed the trigger of your camera. When Julius‘ device is activated by foreign cameras flash lights within a fraction of a second it projects a different image onto the subject in focus. The result is amazing. Have a look yourself by watching the youtube video. But, hold on .. can you trust your eyes?

Hast Du jemals ein Foto gemacht und Dir später gedacht: „Das war aber nicht da, als cih das aufgenommen habe.“ Vielleicht war Julius von Bismarck mit seinem Image Fulgurator in der Nähe. Dieses Gerät wird durch das Blitzlicht fremder Kameras ausgelöst und projiziert dann in Sekundenbruchteilen ein fremdes Bild auf das Objekt im Fokus. Das Ergebnis ist erstaunlich. Sieh’s Dir selbst an im youtube-Video. Aber halt … kannst Du Deinen Augen trauen?


Never tell them where you come from

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If you’re using a Firefox browser, then there’s a solution to the problem described in my article „tattletale search forms“ from May 14th. Enter „about:config“ into the address bar and press return. Filter for the word „referer“. You’ll be presented an entry called network.http.sendRefererHeader for which the value usually is set to 2. Modify it by double click, set the value to 0 and restart your browser after saving. Now the sending of referers will be suppressed. Theoretically this may lead to problems with some web pages, but after using it more than three weeks so far I did not experience any trouble. If in doubt, set the value to 1 which means referes are sent when changing from one web page to another but not when loading images etc.