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Google Chrome contains super-cookie

Posted in web with tags , , on 2008-09-07 by docsmith
Big brother Google is watching you

Big brother Google is watching you

Googles attack on Microsofts Internet Explorer is a shiny metal: Chrome. But there’re dark sides. The worst one discovered so far is a potential super cookie, a distinct client id, generated during the installation into the users profile. That way Google could track you down. Is not sure that this is done already, but the possibility is quiet at hand.

To protect your privacy, close the Chrome browser and go to you user profile folder (XP: C:\documents and settings\username\). Search for a file named „Local State“, which is in XP probably to be found in Local settings\application data\Google\Chrome\User data\ . Open this file with your favorite text editor and change the entries for client_id and client_id_timestamp. To maintain anonymity you’ll have to change them frequently while clearing your cookies in parallel! Or use the values FA7069F6-ACF8-4E92-805E-2AEBC67F45E0 as id and 1220449017 as timestamp. Those are used in the „portable version“ hacked by Carsten Knobloch and should therefore be around the net in lots of copies within a quiet short time.